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Our desserts

Le Piron : our home-made sweets!

All the desserts offered below are home-made, until the chocolate sauce and the Chantilly cream!

Find below some examples of fresh classics or Le Piron restaurant’s specialties that will delight sweet tooth but also seduce the less unconditional of dessert…

Restaurant “Le Piron”. Délicieux desserts Maison 41800 Montoire sur le Loir 02 54 86 65 63


Some examples below… At the bottom of the page you can consult and download the complete desserts menu

Our real fresh homemade chocolate mousse 4,30€

Made from scratch (cacao 55%)

Tiramisu “fresh homemade” from scratch 5,80€

The real Italian speciality than everybody knows

Our homemade “Crème brûlée” 5,80€

Falavoured with vanilla of Madagascar

“Profiteroles” homemade choux pastry 6,80€

Housemade choux pastry filled with vanilla ice cream, topped with our warm chocolate sauce

Crumble aux pommes et au gingembre frais 5,80€

Cinamon and vanilla falavoured served whith a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Café gourmand 6,00€

Cafe expresso (or deca or tea) served whith a mini « crème brûlée », a mini brownie, and one profiterole choux pastry

Big ice cream cups

Some “Classicals” :

Chocolat liégeois  6,00€

Chocolate ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, whipped cream

Banana split 7,00€

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, fresh banana topped with warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Colonel 6,90 €

Lime sherbet and vodka

Mystère 5,20€

Speciality of ice cream dessert made with vanilla ice cream, filled with meringue and topped with crack of hazelnut plus whipped cream

Some “Fancies” :

Douceur du verger 6,50€

Pear & apple sherbet, raspberry sauce, fruit salad, whipped cream

Nuits-Saint-Georges 6,90€

Blackcurrant sherbet, real blackcurrant liqueur of Bourgogne, whipped cream

Brownie 7,50€

Chocolate & white chocolote ice cream, warm pieces of brownie cake, walnut, caramel sauce, whipped cream

Marie Galante 7,50€

Coconut, banana,  and malaga ice cream, fresh  banana, warm chocolate sauce, rhum, whipped cream

Complete Le Piron’s desserts menu

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Net prices. Non-contractual pictures and information. It can change without notice.

Take away pizzas

Takeaway pizzas

Takeaway pizzas menu

(Takeaway pizzas, single size Ø 33 cm. Enjoy your meal!) At the bottom of this page: see and download the menu of pizzas in PDF

Restaurant “Le Piron”. Pizzas à emporter ou à déguster sur place : 41800 Montoire 02 54 86 65 63

Margharita 5,70€

Tomato, cheese, oregano

Napolitaine 7,10€

Tomato, cheese, anchovies, olives, oregano

Reine 8,10€

Tomato, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms

Complète 8,30€

Tomato, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms, egg

Calzone 8,50€

Tomato, cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms, egg, crème fraîche

Quatre fromages 9,40€

Tomato, mozzarella, goat’s cheese, blue cheese, brie

Biquette 9,40€

Tomato, cheese, goat’s cheese, bacon cubes, pine nuts, and a dribble of honey

Poulette 10,50€

Crème fraîche, chopped chicken fillet, pork chunks, onion, egg, cheese

Tourangelle 10,50€

Crème fraîche, speciality duck sausage, potatoes, mustard, onion, cheese

Savoyarde 10,50€

Crème fraîche, reblochon cheese, bacon cubes, potatoes, onion, cheese

Landaise 10,50€

Tomato, smoked duck fillet, glazed turkey pieces, cheese, olive oil, garlic and parsley

Escargotine 10,50€

Tomato, cheese, snails, fresh mushrooms, olive oil, garlic and parsley

Vesuvio 9,40€

Tomato, cheese, spiced sausage, chorizo, potatoes

Chartreuse 9,40€

Tomato, cheese, egg, country ham

Mélanzane 9,40€

Tomato, cheese, aubergine marinated, sundried tomato, olive oil, garlic and parsley

Quatre saisons 10,50€

Crème fraîche with garlic, asparagus, artichoke heart, fresh mushrooms, tomato, ham, cheese, grated cheese

Sicilienne 9,40€

Tomato, ham, spiced sausage, anchovies, capers, oregano cheese

Istambul 9,40€

Crème fraîche, kebab meat, onion, peppers, fresh tomato, cheese

Latino 9,40€

Tomato, cheese, chorizo, blue cheese, goat’s cheese, egg, grated cheese

Cannibale 10,50€

Tomato, 150 gms minced beef, onion, peppers, capers, cheese, crème fraîche with garlic

Américaine 10,50€

Crème fraîche, 150 gms minced beef, cheese, onion, spiced country potatoes, ketchup

Mix grill 10,50€

Tomato, minced beef, spiced sausage, cheese, chopped chicken fillet, onion, peppers, BBQ sauce

Baltique 10,50€

Crème fraîche, smoked salmon, North Sea prawns, lumpfich caviar, cheese

Pêcheur 10,50€

Tomato, scallops, calamari, mussels, North Sea prawns cheese, o live oil, garlic and parsley 

Extra ingredients :

Minced beef or smoked salmon or country ham or reblochon: 2,00€ Every others extra ingredients: 1,00€ Please no additions on the pizza Margharita.

Menu of our takeaway pizzas

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See and download the takeaway pizzas 2014 menu

Net prices. Non-contractual information. They can change without notice.