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Le Piron, the menu

Brasserie, pizzeria, grill, salads, healthy, tasty and generous cook…

A contemporary menu that mixes tradition and modernity to compose your tailor meal, following your tastes and appetite. You can consult and download the complete Le Piron menu. Caution !  at Le Piron restaurant a greed can hide an other : consult the home-made desserts and gourmet big ice cream menu.

Examples of starters :

Rillettes 4,90€

Maison Chollet-Declerck – Mazangé. potted pork 130 gms, served with small guerkins and toast

Tomato, fresh mozzarella and basil 5,90€

With olive oil and balsamic dressing

Beef carpaccio 7,50€

100 gms of wafer thin slices of raw beef marinated in lemon juice and olive oil sprinkled with shavings of parmesan and chopped chives

Examples of dishes :

Hanger steak of beef (180 gms) with shallot sauce 13,90€

Chicken fillet gratin with cream, marsala & gorgonzola 13,20€

“Big burger” of Le Piron 13,90€

180 gms of fresh ground beef, bun’s, 2 slices of bacon, emmental cheese, tomato, béarnaise sauce, salad and fries

Hot “Petit TROO cheese” Savoyarde Raclette’s style 12,90€

Served with slices of country ham, cooked ham, dry sausage, dry beef, steam potatoes, green salad and pikles


Restaurant “Le Piron”. Brasserie, pizzeria, grill, saladerie... 41800 Montoire sur le Loir 02 54 86 65 63

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Menu 2019 Le Piron Montoire

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