The Chef

The Chef : Pascal Diquet

Simple, generous and uncluttered cooking :

During his 35 years of experience in hospitality and catering, he worked like waiter, and then he opted naturally for cooking. He perfected his learning to allow his cooking creativity free, at colleagues’ and friends’, everywhere in France to expand his tastes…

Restaurant “Le Piron”. Brasserie, pizzeria, grill, saladerie... 41800 Montoire sur le Loir 02 54 86 65 63 Restaurant “Le Piron”. Délicieux desserts Maison 41800 Montoire sur le Loir 02 54 86 65 63

His cooking credo :

Today he is proud of his simple, generous, uncluttered cooking, from unavoidable classics to things more originals. He always cares about quality and freshness in order to offer dishes with an excellent quality/price/pleasure ratio.

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